We gathered here, some frequent questions we receive .Don´t miss the chance to read our glossary here.

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What are these kits from our store ?
A: The Kits are digital midia that can be used to make scrapbooking, invitations etc.

All of the files are meant to be cut on a Silhouette?
A: The files for cutting on Silhouette are denominated as "cutting files" on the preview,
and that is also informed on it´s description as it is on all digital kits for personal use.

Can i use your digital kits on my Silhouette?
A:Yes, but it´s not in the cutting format, you can use it many other ways though, as filling on boxes
cutting on the edges of the elements and many other things.

How do i download the freebies ?
A: You need to "buy" the kit, but it won´t coast anything, it will be free of charges. It´s only necessary
to put it on the shopping cart and follow the steps as in a ordinary shop.

How do i use the digital kits or cutting files that i purchased ?
A: Unzip the archive, ( you´ll need a program like Winrar, Winzip, or similar ) inside the archive are every file of your kit
ready to be used.

How do i use the cutting files i purchased on my Silhouette?
A:Unzip the archive, inside it, you´ll find the files on SVG, DXF and PNG click on the file of your choice , and drag it into the Silhouette Studio´s program
There you go, your cutting file is ready to be used.
The files won´t go to Studio Program´s library.

How do i use the kits i purchased, on my Silhouette?
A: unzip it, inside you´ll find the PNG and Jpg, click on the file of your choice and drag it into the Silhouette Studio´s program
There you go, your file have been imported and is ready to be used however you´d like.

What is SVG, DXF and PNG?
A; The SVG files can be oppened on your Silhouette Studio Designer Edition program, which is the
paid version. we also offer the DXF for those who don´t have the Studio DE, but it can be used the same way.
PNG files can be used for cutting the edges ( in regular cutting cases ) 3D boxes as a exemple, or where 
the preview indicates an image, the PNG file is just for showing  (image only)

The cutting files works on other machines?
A: If the machine read the DXF and SVG, yes. It is the type of file we sell.

Do you teach classes ?
A: No, we don´t, but we have a partner who do , Elaine Turola

I don´t know how to use digital kits ( or some procedure ) and also don´t know how to use the machine, will i know how to use your files ?
A: We recommend that you search on the internet on how to do what you intent to do
or take some classes about it, we don´t teach classes.

I don´t know what material to use
A: We don´t supply information about material, you´ll have to make some tests and see 
which one you adapt better

We´d like to clarify that every purchase has an expiration date.
A: You´ll have 20 (twenty) days or 05 (five) chances of download each purchase, 
After the payment verification. After these period or number of downloads, you´ll no can no longer try any new downloads
and it will be necessary to start a new purchase to aquire the products.

I lost my file, and now?
A: Studio Ilustrado won´t take responsability for the recovery of the file or
storing it. after the download keep your files on safe places, because it won´t be offered again after
the expiration date

After the purchase, how do i download it ?
A: Login on our store: acess www.studioilustrado.com.br, click on ENTER on the upper part of the page, insert your login and password, in case you forgot it, insert the email and click on " forgot your password ?"  After that click on my account and in "look" on the order and download it . Verify where you´re saving it, because every purchase has a limit of downloads you can do, read more about it above.

Do you sell Silhouette?
A: No, we just sell our designs on the Silhouette´s store, and on our website, and digital kits.

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