Previously called Joaninha Feliz, ( Happy Ladybug) Studio Ilustrado was created in May, 2013. 
All our products are our own creations.

Read here about the Commercial Use License on Cutting Files.

Collabs are kits designed by our partners, created by one ore more designers.

Value our work. Do not share, lend, sell or trade our products.

Each product has it´s own TOU (Terms of Use), please read it.

We spend a lot of time developing each product, hours and days of work.

When you buy one of our products, it´s yours, but even so, there are some rules that needs to be
observed, so please check our TOU (Terms of Use), or contact us.

If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us:

Thank you for trusting our work. We really appreciate it.

Mauro & Juliane