Terms and conditions

Studio Ilustrado is the copyright holder, and reserves the right to update or alter the terms of use of all digital content at any time with or without warning.

We like to thank you for visiting our shop and aquiring our products.There are some important information that we like to clarify to all our clients and visitors that come to our shop.When you click on " confirm " on your shop cart it means that you agree that you are aquiring a digital product for download

No refund will be given for digital products downloaded , because no real returning can occur

We´d Like to clarify that all purchase has it´s expiry date

You will have the 20 ( twenty  ) days or 05 ( five ) download  attempts to each purchase, after that period , or download attempts. You will not be able to do any more downloads and will be necessary a new purchase. In case you have any trouble downloading the files you purchased, contact us as soon as possible, before the dead line mentioned above, so we can help you solve the problem

What is SVG, DXF and PNG?
A; The SVG files can be oppened on your Silhouette Studio Designer Edition program, which is the
paid version. we also offer the DXF for those who don´t have the Studio DE, but it can be used the same way.
PNG files can be used for cutting the edges ( in regular cutting cases ) 3D boxes as a exemple, or where 
the preview indicates an image, the PNG file is just for showing  (image only)

How do i use the digital kits or cutting files that i purchased ?
A: Unzip the archive, ( you´ll need a program like Winrar, Winzip, or similar ) inside the archive are every file of your kit
ready to be used.


Trading, sharing, reselling, selling or any other type is considered PIRACY, and it´s a crime described in law ( title 17, United states Code, sections 501 and 506). 

ALWAYS READ THE TERMS OF USE FOR THE PRODUCTS, in case of any doubt we are at your service by email. 
//TERMS OF USE:// Kits PU ~ Personal Use

 Site: www.StudioIlustrado.com
E-mail: hi@StudioIlustrado.com

When you purchase a Studio Ilustrado product, be it a digital kit or a cutting file, you are purchasing a LICENSE OF USE , it means you can use it following the rules given below

When you purchase our designs you CAN NOT do whatever you want wit it, it doesn´t belong to you, it belongs to Studio Ilustrado.
Read all terms of use below.

Terms of use- License of use.

These elements are my property and all rights are reserved to me.
When using my digital art, you are agree to all terms below, so please read them carefully.
All of these digital arts are exclusive property of StudioIlustrado.com.br and all the author rights are reserved. It is necessary to write 

down a solicitation of permission of use for any other way of use.

-Change any graphic element to satisfy your needs, including resize or recolor.
-Use my products of commercial use in part or all to create scrapbook pages, post it online galleries and contests.
-Use Studio Ilustrado products on your familiar or small business, under the specified and limited "Scrap 4 Hire" LICENSE conditions mentioned below

Professional Limited Use “Scrap 4 Hire” (S4H)
•    Our Products can be used on the creation and/or sell on small-scale ( 1.000 units), that is, directly to the client), such as suveniers, invitations, albus abd so on.

Remember that for the client, it has to be printed or the personalized digital art must be sent only on JPG, PNG, or pdf. And the peronalized digital art, can not be available on the internet ( for sale, given, trade, borrowed, shared)  only directly for your client.

-Use any file to obscene, imoral or defamatory work, or any purpose that is forbidden by law
-You can not affirm that you are the author of these elements
-You can NOT create printables or any other generic whith no name or similar (notebook core, bookmarks, etc ) that are not personilized directly to your client.

-You can Not make any graphic into tubes, cliparts or brushes for use in graphic softwares like paint shop pro, or photoshop and redistribute them any how.
-You can NOT trade, lend, donate,give, sell or any sort of the type.
- You can NOT display any image of the graphics in any website for download, nor send it on email lists, internet social medias, Yahoo groups, or any other mean.
-You do not have permission to resell or distibute for free these elements separatly or hole

If you have any doubt about these license of use that is not displayed here please contact us 

Site: www.StudioIlustrado.com
 E-mail: hi@StudioIlustrado.com